Loving the Lord with Patience

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength  –Mark 12:30

Sometimes this can be a difficult task as hand: to love the Lord through all of our difficulties, challenges and ugliness.  How can I love a Lord who doesn’t seem to be answering my prayers?  Am I not good enough?  Would I be a terrible parent?  I have asked myself these questions; at the time I wasn’t certain where I stood at times with him but he always knew where he stood with me.  He answers and provides in his time, in THE BEST time.

Take a moment to reflect and see where the Lord answered your prayers.  If the Lord had answered your prayers when you first began to pray for them would have married the right person?  Or had the best job opportunity?  We live in a world of immediate pleasures where practicing patience  and waiting for a good opportunity is almost non-existent.

Open your heart to the Lord and lean into him, I mean really lean hard into him.  The Lord will provide if you trust in him, in his timing, giving it all over to him; be intensional in your daily activities from opening your morning with him, loving and feeding your body as a temple with nutritious foods to inviting him into your exercise routine and daily conversations with him.  He is your best BFF, your father and he will provide.

Dear Lord, Thank you for hearing my prayers and providing for me in the best time.  I realize I am not always patient but trust in you to guide me and show me the best life I can lead.

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