Do you know me?

hands reaching out togetherBe still and know that I am God.  –Psalm 46:10

Our next door neighbor’s 4 year old son was playing on top a pile of rocks we had in our driveway to even out our grade.  We were just newlyweds so child’s play wasn’t really part of our vocabulary.  At one point he looked up to see another little guy on his bike with training wheels riding next to his dad. “Hey! Do you know me?” our neighbor hollered across the yard.  His sincerity oozed from the question.

Children and their innocence can teach all of us to let our guard down; step out of your comfort zone and meet someone or something new.  He wasn’t worried what this boy or his dad might think or say or not say.  He reached out and in his own way.

As I reflect on times of loneliness or despair I wished I had sought out a friend as my 4 year old neighbor did that day.  I do not know where you are in your journey to conceive, but I encourage you to reach out to the Lord, to dig a bit into your faith and seek out a friend or counsel to talk to.  Look around you when you are waiting to see your doctor.  All of the women and couples are there for the same reason like you trying to have a family or grow family that they have.  They are aching like you.  You may be surprised that you know them better than you think just because you are sharing similar trials.

You may be wondering if the boy on the bike stopped to talk to my neighbor.  No he did not.  He looked up to see who was yelling but he never stopped pedaling and passed on by.   Our little neighbor didn’t seem bothered and went right back to his heap of rocks.    Don’t allow an opportunity to grow a relationship pass you by especially your personal relationship with the Lord.  He does not ignore those who love him.  Sometimes his plans don’t coincide with our own and we feel forgotten.  Be patient and strong as he reveals his plan for you.  Its always better than what you had planned for yourself.  Lean into him and his word so when you hear him ask “Do you know me?” you can answer lovingly and boldly, “Yes Lord I know you and I trust in the plans that you have for me.”

Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me to know you, love you and trust in your ways.  Give me the strength when I am in the pits of exhaustion and disappointment to reach out to you and lean not on my own understanding but into you.  Amen.

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Do you know mw?
Don't allow an opportunity to grow a relationship pass you by especially your personal relationship with the Lord. He does not ignore those who love him.

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